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Thanks to our sponsors: Apna Bazaar, Skypath Travel, Beaverton Cricket Club, PortlandIndian.com, EinsteinWise, Fashion Indica, TopTech Realty, Vital Life Foundation, Oregon Children's Academy, BCC Team, Intel and Nike for matching funds for employee-volunteer hours and donations, and NSF Volunteers and Parents. Thanks also to our partnership with TV-Asia-HD. Please check out the FAQ for more on sponsorships!

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This site shares information about NSF-PDX that is relatively static, such as preparation-resources for parents and students, policies about sponsorship, info about Singapore Math books, etc.

More dynamic information about our chapter, e.g., upcoming events, is here.

About NSF

NSF is a non-profit organization that helps foster education for students in both US and in India. There is significant emphasis on persistent-practice, enforced by workshops, annual bees/contests, and more. Subjects sponsored range from Math and Science to Spelling and Geography. Please see our parent website for significant additional details.


The Portland, Oregon chapter of NSF, formed in 19xx, is one of NSF's biggest chapters. More than 200 students in the US participate yearly in NSF-PDX regional contests. Please browse this site to access key information for parents, students, sponsors, and volunteers.

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